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Classic : Quality Viking Jewelry

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Urban V.K.N.G. Viking Jewelry combines sleek city fashion with the powerful imagery of Norse mythology and traditional Nordic design in a slightly more casual style that’s perfect for everyday wear, but still pairs well with dressed-up attire. Natural materials in a minimalist design are becoming increasingly popular and look great with virtually any style.

Beautiful, antiqued Italian bronze and silver-plated bronze create strong, intricate cuffs, beads and ornaments crafted by master metalsmiths. Smooth Italian leather is braided or rolled to create hook bracelets, beaded bracelets and fashionable leather wrap bracelets.

Bronze or silver-plated bronze torcs provide strong and affordable alternatives to the silver and gold cuffs in the Premium collection. Fine, elaborate detailing in a polished patina gives each cuff an antiqued, traditional look, highlighting the design and giving it dimension. 

Pair this collection with casual and semi-casual apparel and enjoy the unique viking jewelry and eye-catching visual it provides. Urban Viking style also features the most diverse color spectrum you’ll find in V.K.N.G.