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Berzerker Paw Bronze Amulet

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This product also exists in Sterling Silver 925

Bears are one of the most feared and respected creatures in Vikings culture.

The bear represents awakening the power of unconsciousness, stands for strength and drawing from your inner potential.

This magnificent creature is intuitive and can often manifest healing.

Its raw power, ferocity, and strength were legendary and often sought in a warrior.

Viking warriors known as Berserkers were synonymous with bears for their wild and unstoppable fighting style.

This pendant attempts to harness some of the ferocity and impart it to the wearer.

The bear spirit guide thus helps his companion to heal physical, mental, and spiritual wounds with intuition and self-assured courage.

🗡Made of pure steel and coated to prevent rust or tarnishing

🗡Immediately brings a Viking style

🗡Can accept chains that are up to 4mm thick

🗡Inspired by the great bears of Norse Mythology

🗡Quality materials and construction provide lasting durability


Color : Bronze   Weight : 8 g   Size : 1-3/16" (30mm) in diameter

  Materials : Bronze

*pendant sold alone, without leather cord.

Leather Cord : Here