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Skull Bracelet

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Viking skull bracelet is the collection for those who are not afraid of death or skull. The concept of death and destruction bringing about new life is heavy in Norse mythology. For Viking warriors, death was not an end in itself and offered the possibility of access to the Valhalla, thus the skullbracelet. Some wear these skulls as a tribute to Hel and his Helheim kingdom. Others wear the skulls they were driven by the vision that death is beautiful and liberating.

The Lava stones skull bracelet, as well as the different models of skull bracelets beads are made with the essence of a black and powerful energy. Our skull bracelets are great for skull lovers. You can find below all our skull collection: our Sigrune skull bracelet, our bronzite 5 skulls bracelet, our lava twins skull bracelet, our lava triplets skull bracelet, white skull bracelet, our black pearl skull bracelet, our black pearl twins skull bracelet, tiger eyes skull and triplets skull bracelet.