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Mjolnir Ring Silver

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🗡Weight: 20g

🗡Made from sterling silver 925

🗡All our rings are made on request

⚠ Made On Demand  

This product also exists in Bronze

Thor was the Viking god of thunder and his weapon of choice was Mjolnir, an extremely powerful hammer.

It’s depicted as one of the most feared weapons in existence, capable of almost anything.

If you look at old Viking drawings and engravings, Mjolnir features heavily.

This was the Norse way of asking Thor for his protection.

This silver ring has Mjolnir sitting amongst a knot design.

This is perfect for everyday wear; you can add a touch of the Norse gods to your everyday wardrobe without making it obvious.

Thor will be watching over you, offering you his protection and blessing. 

Color : Silver  Weight : 20,0 grams

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine

All our rings are manufactured on request. Delivery times can extend up to 2 weeks.