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Fehu Rune VKNG T-shirt



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Fehu Rune VKNG T-shirt

💎 Fehu rune representing F/V in the runic alphabet
💎 Associated with wealth and prosperity
💎 Can represent a new beginning in divination
💎 High-quality t-shirt and print

The Vikings used a runic alphabet known as Younger Futhark. The Fehu rune represents the sound for F and V in that alphabet.

As well as having a phonetic sound, each rune also had a more general meaning. the Fehu rune is associated with wealth, but specifically mobile wealth or "disposable" wealth rather than property. It was closely linked with cattle.

In modern runic divination, as well as being linked with wealth, it is also a sign of fresh starts and new beginnings. It also suggests that the way that things will end is always linked to how they began.

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