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Gift Box Hail Odin Ring and Gungnir Pendant


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Gift Box Hail Odin Ring and Gungnir Pendant

 Gift set with silver ring "Hail Odin" and bronze Gungnir pendant (leather cord included)
 Pieces important to Odin, the Allfather and the god of war, wisdom, writing, and more
 Ideal for a modern Viking warrior
 Comes in a cool Odin Allfather gift box

Looking for the perfect present for a Viking warrior? This Odin the warrior gift set is just the thing.

It comes with a silver ring inscribed with the runes "Hail Odin" - it was Odin who revealed the secrets of the runes to mankind. The Vikings would often shout these words before battle and throw spears over the heads of their enemies to dedicate their souls to Odin.

Choose the size ring that is right for your warrior.

Odin is the god of war and wisdom, and is also the patriarch of Valhalla. This is his great hall in Asgard and he chooses only the bravest fallen warriors to spend the afterlife there. They will be called on to fight again alongside the gods at Ragnarok. This is the greatest ambition of all Viking warriors.

Like most Viking warriors, Odin also carries a spear, called Gungnir. It never misses its mark. He threw his spear over the head of the Vanir warriors at the start of their war, and the Viking copied this practice.

Odin also hung himself from Yggdrasil while pierced by his own spear to learn the secrets of the runes.

This bronze Gungnir pendant is marked with the Valknut, which is the symbol of Valhalla. It comes with a leather cord included so that your Viking earrior can start wearing it immediately.

This gift set, ideal for warriors that venerate Odin, comes in a cool gift box featuring an image of Odin the one-eyed god.

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Color : Silver  Weight : 7,0 g  Size: Band width: 3/8" (8mm).

Materials : Silver Sterling 925


Color : Bronze  Weight : 0.42oz or 12,0gSize : 1.46" х 0.83" or 3,7cm x 2,1cm

Materials : Italian bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%) or Sterling Silver 925