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Custom order Midgard Serpent Ring 18k white gold / size 12 US

Custom order Midgard Serpent Ring 18k white gold / size 12 US

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💎Custom order made only for you. The ring will be designed especially for you, this photo is for illustration purposes only.
💎Distinctive and authentic Viking sea dragon symbol
💎Representative of the Viking ability to conquer fear
💎Detailed, intricate, and distinctive design


What does this jewelry represent ?

The Vikings did not fear death. They believed that the hour of their death was already written by the fates and could not be avoided.

They also believed that when they died, they were taken to Valhalla to live among the gods.

These beliefs enabled them to be fearless and give incredible acts of courage.

Perhaps the ultimate symbol of overcoming fear among the Viking was the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr.

This son of Loki lives in the waters that surround Midgard and is so enormous that it can encircle the entire world and hold its one tail in its mouth.

The serpent stays in its murky waters, but according to the prophecy of Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world, when the end of the world is nigh, he will emerge from the waters to kill Thor.

The prophecy says that the two will fight to the death.

Thor will kill the serpent with his hammer, but Jormungandr will spill so much of his venom onto Thor that he too will die.

Thus for Thor, Jormungandr could be the ultimate symbol of fear as he marks the moment of his death.

But in all of the stories, Thor shows no fear of the beast, and even welcomes the challenge of the final confrontation.

As such, among the Vikings, the Midgard Serpent represented our ability to overcome our fears and find the courage that we need.

Invoke this mindset for yourself with this striking and distinctive silver ring that wraps Jormungandr, and your fears, around your finger, where you are in charge!


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