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CUSTOM ORDER Norse Wolf Fenrir Red Ruby Stone Sterling Silver Ring

CUSTOM ORDER Norse Wolf Fenrir Red Ruby Stone Sterling Silver Ring

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Norse Wolf Fenrir Red Gem Sterling Silver Ring

💎 Fenrir, the wolf of the apocalypse and symbol of an unstoppable force
💎 Geri (ravenous) and Freki (greedy), the wolf companions of Odin
💎 Powerful but challenging characteristics to be mastered and harnessed
💎 Handcrafted in sterling silver

👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent?

Wolves were an important symbol in Viking culture. They represented volatile power, that was to be feared and respected, but also mastered and controlled.

The most famous Viking wolf is Fenrir, a son of Loki. This wolf is destined to devour Odin and much of the world during the Ragnarok apocalypse. He represents an unstoppable nature force.

But this is not the only important wolf in Norse mythology. Odin had two constant world companions Geri (ravenous) and Freki (greedy). These are troubling attributes that accompany Odin always and must be controlled. But, when harnessed, they can also be a great source of power.

This stunning sterling silver ring brings the heads of two wolves together on either side of a red gem. Their bodies are patterned in a classic Norse design style.

This is the perfect piece of anyone looking to master and harness their more challenging characteristic.

Color : Silver  Weight : 5g

Materials : 925 sterling silver / Ruby Stone

Made In Ukraine

Bijoux Viking en or

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