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Alfgard Bracelet

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This product is made on demand, wich implies a delay of 2 to 7 working days for crafting before shipment

Alfgard Bracelet

💎Handcrafted by expert craftsmen
💎Norse Design
💎Secure closure to keep the bracelet in place
💎Made by expert craftsmen using the best materials

What does this jewelry represent ?

Alfgard, or Alfheimr, is the elf world of Norse mythology.
Little is known about the elves of this world, except that they’re fairer than the sun itself.

While their dark cousins dwell within the Earth and are more concerned with brute strength, the light elves of Alfheimr are agile, beautiful and intelligent, far superior to any other being.

The Alfgard Bracelet is made of white Italian leather that’s braided in a slender rope to wrap twice around your wrist.

One end of the braided Italian leather rope ends with a loop, while the other end has an axe that hooks onto the loop to close the bracelet. 

Color : White & Bronze   Closure : V.K.N.G Large Axe   

Materials : Italian Bronze  (Lead, cadmium and nickel free) & Italian Leather

Made In Ukraine

S 6 - 6,5 15 - 16
M 7 - 7,5 17 - 18
L 8 - 8,5 19 - 20
XL 9 - 9,5 21 - 22
XXL 10 - 10,5 23 - 24