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V.K.N.G™ "BE PROUD" T-shirt


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V.K.N.G™ "BE PROUD" T-shirt

💎Be Proud written in futhark runes
💎Powerful viking style
💎Premium quality shirt
💎Exclusive design


Care: Wash inside out and at 40° maximum.
Iron, preferably inside out. If right side up, do not iron on the print.

What does this apparel represent?

The Vikings valued bravery and an adventurous spirit, and they were proud to call themselves Vikings.

Here atvV.K.N.G. we share these values of courage, risk-taking, and confidence.

This t-shirt celebrates those values, with the VKNG name and logo on the front, and the words "be proud" written in the Viking Younger Futhark runes on the back of the shirt.

Logo front: color gold Valknut neck: color white Runes: color gold

100% cotton. Basis weight 190g/m2.

Made In Poland

Important : the colors may differ depending on your screen.