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Black Sun Norse Patterns Amulet Sterling Silver

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🗡 Genuine Norse symbol

🗡 Represents the power of the sun, and alludes to Ragnarok

🗡 Detailed and sensitive design

🗡 Highest quality sterling silver

Sun symbols are unsurprisingly common across cultures, considering the central role that the sun plays in living and sustaining life.

The Black Sun was the most common sun symbol found among the Vikings.

The Viking sun was a goddess named Sol.

She flew her chariot across the sky every day, which is probably why the Norse black sun resembles the spokes of a chariot.

Each day she, and her brother the moon, are chased by a pair of wolves.

It is said in the Ragnarok prophecy that when the end of days comes, the wolves will finally catch their prey, plunging the world into darkness.

Does the Black Sun represent Sol's life giving chariot, or the void left in the sky after she is devoured?

Or does it represent both of these aspects, and the inevitable cycle of life and death?

This sterling silver amulet represents this powerful concept, and the complex relationship between creation and destruction.


Color : Silver  Weight : 18 g  Size : 35 x 35 mm  Hole size : 9 x 6 mm

Free 700 mm cord

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine