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Vegvisir Pendant Runic 316L

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The Vegvisir simply means “That Which Shows The Way”.

People believed that if you wore this symbol on your person, you would never lose your way in storms or bad weather.

As the history books show, Vikings were keen explorers and once they made their way over to Europe, had to tackle the unpredictable oceans to make it over in one piece.

This necklace would be a great symbol for you to wear, whether you feel lost now or you’ve ever felt like that, to act as a reminder that you can find your way out of the storm.

The detailing on the pendant is intricate, making it a beautiful piece of jewelry.

🗡V.K.N.G Branded Quality

🗡Intricate detailing makes it an interesting necklace

🗡Immediately brings a Viking style

🗡Premium Stainless Steel 316L and construction provide lasting durability

🗡Finest Cast

 Color : Silver  Closure : Clasp

Materials : Premium Stainless Steel 316 L