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Elder Futhark Runes with Wide Rim Bronze Ring

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💎 Complete Elder Futhark runic alphabet
💎 Represents the sophistication of Viking culture
💎 Also represents the power of the runes over fate
💎 Discreet design created with attention to detail
👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

This product also exists in sterling silver


What does this jewelry represent?

The Vikings are often simply characterized as ruthless and bloodthirsty warriors. But Viking culture was highly sophisticated, with complex religious beliefs, sophisticated laws, and remarkable poetry.
Nothing represents this other side of Viking culture better than the runes, the Viking alphabet.
But for the Vikings, the runes were more than just a way of describing the world. Used properly, the runes were also a potent magical toolkit for shaping the universe.
This simple but striking bronze ring celebrates both the sophistication of Viking culture and the power of the runes.
The complete Elder Futhark runic alphabet is inscribed in a wood-look background. This represents the bark of Yggdrasil, the World Tree onto which the Norse fates inscribed the destiny of men.


Color : Bronze  Weight : 10g

Materials : Bronze

Made In Ukraine