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Galdrastafir VKNG T-shirt


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Galdrastafir VKNG T-shirt

💎 Magical runic staves, Galdrastafir, from the Icelandic tradition
💎 Variation of Aegishjalmur, the Helm of Awe
💎 Grants courage and strength
💎 High-quality t-shirt and print

We know that the Vikings used their runic alphabet to conduct magic, but we know relatively little about how they actually did that.

We know more about how their Icelandic descendants adapted the runes for magic thanks to a number of grimoires that survive from the 18th century. These contain a variety of magical runic staves composed of the runes for different magical purposes.

This high-quality t-shirt featured one of these Galdrastafir, known as Aegishjalmur or the Helm of Awe. It is comprised of repeating representations of the Alghiz rune, which is a symbol for protection. 

The grimoire suggests drawing the rune on your forehead before battle to enhance your strength and courage and invoke the favor of the gods. You will either be successful in your venture or earn your way to Valhalla.

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