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Handcrafted Viking Sword Norse Legacy

Handcrafted Viking Sword Norse Legacy

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  • Authentic Viking Sword of Type H 132
  • Blade forged from 6150 High Carbon Steel
  • Handle skillfully bound in Wood and Leather
  • Comes with a Protective Wooden Scabbard
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Description : What does this product represent?

The Viking Sword Type H 132 is a symbol of the legendary might of the Viking warriors, a representation of their courage and unparalleled skill in battle. This sword is a tribute to the Norsemen, whose tales of valor and conquest have been passed down through the ages, inspiring awe and respect.

The Vikings, the intrepid seafarers of the North, were not only renowned for their exploration but also for their prowess in warfare and their extensive trade networks. A Viking’s sword was more than a weapon; it was a testament to his honor and status, a valued possession often bestowed with a name and revered greatly.

Type H 132 Viking Swords are distinguished by their unique design, featuring a robust blade and a pronounced fuller, making them a favorite among those who value stability and precision in combat. The exceptional craftsmanship of this sword guarantees its sharpness and durability, rendering it an indispensable ally on the battlefield.

The blade, meticulously crafted from 6150 High Carbon Steel, offers unparalleled strength and resilience, ensuring superior performance in every encounter. The handle, a seamless blend of wood and leather, affords a secure and comfortable grip, facilitating agility and mastery over the sword. It is accompanied by a traditional wooden scabbard, safeguarding the blade and adding convenience.

This sword serves as a beacon for those who wish to connect with the Viking era, a tangible reminder of the Norse legacy. It stands as not only a historical artifact but also a masterpiece, echoing the expertise and traditions of the Norse blacksmiths.

Disclaimer: This sword is an inspired creation and not a precise replica, designed to capture the spirit and essence of the original Viking swords.

For collectors, reenactors, or enthusiasts, this Viking Sword Type H 132 provides a window to the past, allowing one to embrace the bravery, the integrity, and the heritage of the Viking warrior.

Additional Informations

Materials : Blade - 6150 High Carbon Steel
Handle : Wood and Leather;
Cover : Wooden Scabbard Overall
Length : 37"   
Blade : 30";
Handle : 7"

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