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Odin's Horns VKNG T-shirt


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Odin's Horns VKNG T-shirt

💎 Odin's Horns, the Horned Triskelion
💎 Odin as the god of wisdom and wordsmiths
💎 Story of the mead of poetry
💎 High-quality t-shirt and print

While Odin is best known as the god of war, he had many domains including wisdom writing, witchcraft, and wanderers.

The Horned Triskelion symbol is associated with Odin as the god of wisdom and of poetry, It is linked to the story of the Mead of Poetry, created by the dwarves from the blood of Kvasir, the most intelligent being ever to exist.

Odin would famously do anything to obtain wisdom, and embarked on an elaborate quest of deceit to steal the mead from the giants, and then store it in three great drinking horns in Asgard. The Horned Triskelion represents these horns.

Drinking the mead gives complete mastery of the spoken word. Some human bards have been lucky enough to imbibe of few drops.

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