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Runic Circle Black Sun Silver Sterling Pendant

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🗡Authentic Norse Symbols

🗡Represents both the turning of the wheels of fate and our power to influence our destiny

🗡Detailed and distinctive craftsmanship

🗡Highest quality sterling silver

This is our Runic Circle Sun silver sterling Pendant from our Viking jewelry collection.

Please find all details below, on this great amulet.

The Vikings believed in the turning wheels of fate, and that their destiny was carved into Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, in runes by the Norns, the Norse fates.

Few symbols better represented the turning of fate's wheels than the black sun symbol that forms the center of this distinctive silver pendant.

The spokes of the sun represent the wheels of the chariot of the goddess Sol, who drags the sun across the sky each day.

She, and her brother the moon, are chased continuously by a pair of wolves.

When Ragnarok arrives and the world comes to an end, the sun and moon too will meet their fate, and be devoured by their pursuers.

The black sun is surrounded by a circle of Norse runes, which the Viking believed the Norns used to write the fate of men.

But this does not mean that destiny was completely beyond one's control.

If you knew the power of the runes, you could begin to pull on the threads of destiny and shape the future in the way you saw fit.

This silver pendant uses traditional Viking symbols to express the juxtaposing yet complementary ideas of the inevitability of fate, yet our power to control our destiny.

Color : Silver  Weight : 10g  Size : 35 x 1,5 mm  Hole size : 6 mm

Double-sided pendant - Free 700 mm cord

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine