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Silver Panthera Amulet

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This amulet combines true craftsmanship with a touch of Viking spirit.

The imagery of the leopard reminds you that you can observe different situations with clarity, trusting your instincts to lead you in the right direction.

It also symbolizes the boldness you possess that will attract the energies you need.

If you intend to show positive vibes on your daily routine, this accessory serves as the ideal option.

Superb vintage costume Silver Panthera Amulet with enamel craftsmanship, this ensures durability while it remains elegant for many years to come.

 Leather cord with silver sterling clasp offered by vkng  


🗡Defines you as an individual with impeccable taste in Norse antiquity

🗡Rare piece with unusual divine design

🗡Offers a sense of strength and courage

🗡Durable materials which ensure years of use in all conditions.

🗡Classic details with a smooth finish


Color : Silver   Weight : 0.16 oz or 4,5 g   Size :0.91" х 0.91" or 2,3 cm x 2,3 cm

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine