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Thor's Hammer Mjolnir from Mammen Sterling Silver Pendant

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🗡Authentic and popular Viking amulet motif

🗡Symbolizes the protective power of the god Thor

🗡Inspired by real Viking artistic style

🗡Made from the highest quality silver by expert craftsmen


Thor's hammer was one of the most popular symbols worn by the Vikings.

It is found in the Viking archaeological record more often than all the other symbols combined. It is also one of the few Old Norse symbols that continued to be used well into the Christian period.

This is not surprising. While Odin was the king of the gods and the patron of kings and warriors, Thor was the protector.

He used his mighty hammer Mjolnir to protect both Asgard, the realm of the gods, and Midgard, the realm of mean, from the destructive and chaotic forces of the giants. Mjolnir was a potent symbol or protection.

Show off your Viking credentials and invoke the protection of the great god of thunder with this sterling silver hammer pendant.

It is inspired by the Mammen artistic style that was popular among the Vikings in the 10th century.


Color : Silver Size : 30 x 22 x 6 mm  Weight :11g

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine

*pendant sold alone, without leather cord.

Leather Cord : Here