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Thurisaz Rune VKNG T-shirt


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Thurisaz Rune VKNG T-shirt

💎 Thurisaz rune representing TH in the runic alphabet
💎 Represents great strength with a chaotic edge
💎 Forces to be respected but also harnessed
💎 High-quality t-shirt and print

In the Viking runic alphabet the sound "th" is represented by the Thurisaz rune. It is used for the name of the god Thor.

The rune is also ideologically associated with the idea of great strength, but rather than being connected with Thor, the strongest of the Aesir gods, it is linked to the giants. This is because this strength has a chaotic edge.

This is the type of strength that should be feared in the wrong hands, but can also be harnessed and used in the right hands.

In modern runic divination, the Thurisaz rune often represents a catalyst that brings about important change.

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