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Unique Walnut Wood Vegvisir and Runes Pendant


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Unique Walnut Wood Vegvisir and Runes Pendant

💎 Unique handcrafted wooden pendant in Walnut
💎 Viking magical runes
💎 Vegvisir, the Norse Compass
💎 Genuine magical symbol from the Icelandic grimoires

Each piece in this collection is totally unique. It is not possible to get 2 pendants 100% identical. Each product is worked from a piece of wood for several hours by our partner Woodzard especially for VKNG.

The Vikings believed that their runic alphabet had the power to shape fate and change the world around them. The Norns, the Norse fates, used the runes to write the fates of men.

This stunning pendant features a runic circle containing all the sacred runes. The circle encloses a magical runic stave found in the Icelandic grimoires. It is Vagvisir, also known as the Norse Compass.

Using this symbol means that you will never lose your way, even if you do not know where you are going. 

Size : 3,5 ø

Work Time : 2h

Wood : Walnut