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V.K.N.G™ B&W Odin Warrior Hoodie


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V.K.N.G™ B&W ODIN Hoodie

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💎 Odin the one-eyed god design
💎 Viking god of war, wisdom, wanderers, writing, and witchcraft
💎 340g/m2
💎 90% polish cotton
💎 10% polyester to keep the shape even after long use

Care: Wash inside out and at 40° maximum.
Iron, preferably inside out. If right side up, do not iron on the print.

What does this apparel represent?

The one-eyed warrior that appears in many Viking designed is Odin, the principal deity in the Norse pantheon, the All-Father and the creator god.

He was the most important god among the Vikings, considered the god of war, wisdom, wanderers, writing, and witchcraft.

It was Odin who ensured success in battle, and took the souls of brave fallen warriors to live in Valhalla, his hall in Asgard. There they are to feast until called on to fight again alongside the gods at Ragnarok.

He appears with one eye as Odin, who would do anything for knowledge, plucked out his own eye in order to take a sip from the Well of Wisdom.

Let this powerful deity stare out from your chest with this high-quality hoodie.


Front: black and white Back: Gold

90% polish cotton. 10% Polyester to keep the shape even after long use.

Basis weight 340g/m2.

Made In Poland

Important : the colors may differ depending on your screen.