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Wolf Bangle

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🗡Powerful animal symbol

🗡Associated with ideas of power, chaos and loyalty

🗡Distinctive and striking authentic Viking style

🗡Quality sterling silver

🗡Fine craftsmanship

Wolves are complicated animals. Their pack mentality makes them a symbol of clan and loyalty, but they also represent danger. This was no different for the Vikings.

The Vikings new the dangers of wolves. They were associated with the chaotic forces of the giants, with the terrifying giantess Angrboda also the leader of a wolf clan. She has three children with the trickster Loki, one of which was the mighty wolf Fenrir. It is prophesied that Fenrir will devour Odin, and much of the Norse universe, as part of the Ragnarok apocalypse.

But Odin was also accompanied by two trusted companion wolves, Geri (ravenous) and Freki (greedy). While their names show that they were still being of danger, they were still his loyal companions.

This striking sterling silver Viking wolf bangle is perfect for a complex Viking woman who is also a mix of complicated characteristics: she is volatile but also loyal.

Closure : Open  Size : 6 to 8 Inch  Weight : 1.76 oz or 50 g

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver 

Made In Ukraine