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Broche / Colar Artesanal Estilo Viking Borre Bronze

Broche / Colar Artesanal Estilo Viking Borre Bronze

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  • Bronze brooch, can be worn as a pendant
  • Replica of brooch from Birka in Sweden dating to the 10th century
  • Borre style of line patterns and geometric shapes
  • Handmade by expert craftsmen
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Brooches, pivotal in the Viking era for securing clothing, today serve as a bridge between the past and present, offering a piece that doubles as a brooch or pendant. This piece, a faithful replica of a 10th-century copper alloy brooch found in Birka, Sweden, embodies the Borre art style renowned for its intricate interlocking lines and geometric patterns.

The Borre style, named after the Borre mound cemetery in Norway, is celebrated for its decorative and symbolic significance in Viking art. This brooch/necklace, with its detailed craftsmanship, connects wearers to the Viking legacy, symbolizing the continuity of life and the intertwining of fates.


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Color: Bronze

Weight: 7.0 g

Size: 2.5 cm diameter

Materials: Bronze

Made In Spain

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