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Brincos Artesanais com Esferas de Vidro Gotland Bronze Pequeno

Brincos Artesanais com Esferas de Vidro Gotland Bronze Pequeno

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  • Authentic replica of 11th-century Viking art from Gotland
  • Demonstrates the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Vikings
  • Crafted with care from glass and bronze
  • A tribute to the sophisticated artistry of ancient Norse culture
  • Brings a piece of Viking history into modern fashion
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These earrings are a smaller, yet equally captivating version of our Gotland glass spheres, offering a more subtle nod to the Viking era. Inspired by a quartz sphere discovered in an 11th-century Viking settlement on Gotland Island, Sweden, these pieces reflect the Vikings' advanced skills in manipulating materials like rock crystal and bronze.

Originally part of a luxurious necklace, the artifact showcases the wealth and status of Viking society. Our replicas, crafted from glass and bronze, make this rich history accessible to all, blending historical accuracy with contemporary style.

While earrings were not commonly worn in Viking culture, this design draws upon the wider influences of the Viking's travels, offering a unique piece of wearable art that connects the past with the present.


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Size: 3 x 1 cm
Material: Bronze
Crafted in Spain, these earrings offer a glimpse into the artistry and elegance of the Viking age, now available in a smaller size for a more understated expression of heritage and style.

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