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Estatueta Freyr feita à mão de Rällinge

Estatueta Freyr feita à mão de Rällinge

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  • Genuine Freyr Statuette from Rällinge, meticulously crafted from bronze
  • Represents Freyr, the god of fertility and prosperity in Norse mythology
  • Embrace the spirit of Viking traditions with this historical piece
  • Expertly made from premium bronze by skilled artisans

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The Rällinge Statuette is a significant artifact in Viking culture. It is believed to depict Freyr, the god of fertility, prosperity, and fair weather in Norse mythology. Freyr is also associated with peace and pleasure, and his presence was considered essential for a good harvest.

The figure is in a seated position, holding his pointed beard and presenting an erect penis, symbolizing his fertile nature. This depiction underscores Freyr's role as a fertility deity and a provider of prosperity.

This unique statuette serves as a reminder of the importance of fertility and prosperity in Viking society. It symbolizes the bountiful gifts of Freyr and the reverence the Vikings had for their gods. This beautiful reproduction is handmade from bronze, capturing the intricate details of the original artifact.

Ideal for lovers of Norse mythology or those looking to add a touch of Viking history to their collection, this Freyr statuette is a perfect way to bring a piece of Viking culture into your home.


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Measures: 8 cm

Material: Bronze

Made in Spain

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