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Caixa de presente Árvore da Vida com pingente de ouro rosa e brincos Yggdrasil

Caixa de presente Árvore da Vida com pingente de ouro rosa e brincos Yggdrasil

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  • Elegant sterling silver with rose gold Yggdrasil earrings and pendant set
  • Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree, symbolizes the interconnectedness of all realms in Norse mythology
  • Embellished with cubic zirconia, enhancing the mystical allure
  • Ideal for those drawn to nature-based beliefs and Seidr magic
  • Presented in an Odin Allfather-themed gift box, perfect for gifting
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Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom and magic of the Norse cosmos with this exquisite gift set, featuring sterling silver Yggdrasil earrings and a pendant, both plated in rose gold. Yggdrasil, the great world tree, stands as a majestic emblem of stability, growth, and interconnectedness, holding the universe together.

This set not only symbolizes the physical beauty of the natural world but also embodies the profound spiritual beliefs of the Norse people. Yggdrasil's roots and branches reach into the various worlds, maintaining the cosmic balance and serving as a conduit for the fates who weave the destiny of all beings.

Adorned with cubic zirconia, these pieces capture the essence of Yggdrasil's vitality and the deep, mystic runes learned by Odin during his sacrifice. It's a tribute to the enduring strength and wisdom that guide those who seek to align with nature's rhythms and the ancient art of Seidr magic.

SKU : CS102/ BOS22

Informações adicionais

Color: Silver with Rose Gold plating

Earrings Size: 0.66" or 1.7 cm

Pendant Size: 1-1/2" (38mm) in diameter

Weight: 8 g

Materials: Sterling Silver 925, Rose Gold Plated, Cubic Zirconia

Encased in an Odin Allfather gift box, this set is a perfect blend of elegance and myth, ready to enchant its recipient.

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