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Anel de prata esterlina com ornamento nórdico do símbolo do Elmo do Awe feito à mão

Anel de prata esterlina com ornamento nórdico do símbolo do Elmo do Awe feito à mão

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  • Genuine Viking magical stave
  • Imbues the user with courage and bravery
  • Sacred to Odin
  • Crafted with attention to detail
  • Quarter sizes available on demand
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The Viking runes were more than just an alphabet, they were also a powerful magical tool for influencing fate. The Norns, the Norse fates, used the runes to write the destiny of men into the bark of Yggdrasil. Human beings could also use the runes to influence destiny, if they knew the secrets. Some of the Viking wisdom about the runes has come down to us through a few middle age Icelandic grimoires. They show the runes combined into magical staves.

The most famous of these staves is Aegishjalmur, also known as the Helm of Awe. Warriors would draw it on their heads before battle to boost their courage, and call on the favor of the god Odin in the coming fight. This ring with Helm of Awe symbol makes the perfect signet for a modern Viking warrior who also wants to draw on their inner courage, and dedicate themselves to Odin.

SKU : AV70

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Color: Silver
Weight: 11g
Materials: 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine

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