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Pulseira Herluf Artesanal

Pulseira Herluf Artesanal

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  • Distinctly handcrafted hammer design
  • Thick Viking bracelet embodying strength and valour
  • Durable, quality craftsmanship
  • Secure closure for a perfect fit
  • Combines ancient Norse style with modern aesthetics
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The Herluf Bracelet is a testament to the enduring legacy of Viking culture. This unique piece seamlessly blends the raw, untamed spirit of the ancient north with a contemporary flair. At its heart lies a meticulously handcrafted bronze Thor's hammer, retaining a rustic charm that harks back to the Viking age.

The bracelet's thick, high-quality Italian leather strap exudes a sense of robustness, mirroring the resilience and valour that were hallmarks of Viking warriors. Wearing the Herluf Bracelet is not just about adorning a piece of jewelry; it is about embracing and carrying forth the indomitable spirit of the Vikings.

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Color: White
Size: Adjustable, S - XXL
Materials: Italian Leather and Handcrafted Bronze
Closure: Raw Hammer
Origin: Handmade in Ukraine

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