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Sapatos Medievais Jorvik

Sapatos Medievais Jorvik

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  • Step into the robust life of a Viking with authentic Jorvik design
  • Crafted for historical accuracy and everyday durability
  • Leather flaps ensure a customizable and snug fit
  • Perfect fusion of comfort and historical design
  • Dark brown hue reflects the earthy tones of the medieval palette
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In the bustling Norse settlements, the right footwear was essential. Our Jorvik Medieval Shoes are a nod to the enduring Viking spirit, designed for the modern seeker of history and adventure. These shoes aren't just a pair of accessories; they are a gateway to an era of exploration and discovery.

Imagined from the ancient streets of Jorvik, now known as York, these shoes were inspired by the very ground Viking settlers walked upon. With every step, feel the echoes of the past, as if traversing the same paths that once led to lively markets and grand mead halls.

The dark brown leather is reminiscent of the rugged landscape Vikings called home, with durability to match the legendary endurance of Norse explorers. Whether attending a historical reenactment or seeking a touch of authenticity in daily life, these shoes offer a tangible connection to the storied past.

Don the Jorvik Medieval Shoes, and walk in the footsteps of the seafaring warriors, the crafty traders, and the skilled artisans of the Viking age.


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Color: Dark Brown
Material: Genuine Leather
Inclusions: Leather Sole

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