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Pingente de prata esterlina com escudo Viking feito à mão

Pingente de prata esterlina com escudo Viking feito à mão

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  • Traditional Viking shield design
  • Represents courage and protection
  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • Highest quality sterling silver
  • Hole 2.5mm

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with:

Genuine Leather Cord

Fine Sterling Silver Chain

Note: This product can be crafted in Gold. Contact Us

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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

When a Viking warrior went into battle, they carried an axe (or more likely a spear) in one hand and a shield in the other.

The shield was just as important as the blade in battle. The protection it provided gave the Vikings courage and allowed them to be the ferocious warriors that so terrified their foes.

The protective shield complements the cutting axe, symbolizing both defense and attack.

This distinctive sterling silver pendant depicts a Viking style shield. It is a symbol of protection, and the things in life that allow us to be our bravest, best selves. Invoke the courage of a Viking warrior and the protection of Odin with this standout pendant.

SKU : CV22

Informações adicionais

Color: Silver
Weight: 21g
Size: 35 x 35 x 2 mm
Hole size: 6 mm
Materials: Sterling Silver 925
Made in: Ukraine

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