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Brincos de martelo Thor em prata esterlina

Brincos de martelo Thor em prata esterlina

Preço normal R$ 309,00 BRL
Preço normal R$ 309,00 BRL Preço promocional R$ 309,00 BRL
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  • Invoke the formidable power and protection of Thor with these Mjolnir earrings
  • Authentically designed with Viking aesthetics in mind
  • Crafted with precision by skilled artisans, featuring high detail
  • Constructed from premium sterling silver for lasting durability and wear
  • Complements seamlessly with Thor's Hammer Amulets and Shieldmaiden Ring for a complete Norse look

Thor's Hammer Amulets

Thor's Hammer Shieldmaiden Ring

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Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of Thor, is not just a weapon but a symbol of divine protection, strength, and the preservation of order over chaos. Revered across the Viking world, Mjolnir's image was carried by the Norse long into the Christian era as a steadfast emblem of their enduring faith in the old gods and the virtues they stood for.

These Silver Sterling Thor Hammer Earrings embody the essence of Thor's might, designed to provide the wearer with a sense of strength and protection in every facet of life. From the battlefield to societal ceremonies, Mjolnir was a source of hallowing and safeguarding, making these earrings not just a piece of jewelry, but a talisman for the modern Viking spirit.


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Color: Silver

Size: 7/16" (1.1cm) high by 5/16" (0.8cm) at widest point

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Adorn yourself with the power of Thor and his hammer, channeling the protective and hallowing energies of Mjolnir through these finely crafted earrings.

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