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Capacete de espetáculo com aventail com pontas

Capacete de espetáculo com aventail com pontas

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  • Viking helmet inspired by the Gjermundbu helmet
  • Simple design with chainmail facial protection
  • Suitable for head circumference of 57-61 cm
  • Adjustable leather lining for optimal comfort
  • Firm fit through chinstraps
  • Wide viewing slots for a good field of view
  • Made of high-quality mild steel
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This Viking helmet is inspired by the legendary Gjermundbu helmet, an iconic relic from the Viking era.

Viking warriors wore such helmets not only for protection but also to symbolize their bravery and status.

The simple design of this helmet, combined with chainmail facial protection, offers both safety and comfort, while allowing for good vision and adequate ventilation.

The viewing slots are wide enough to ensure a good field of view, essential for staying vigilant on the battlefield.

Wear this helmet and feel the power and determination of Viking warriors, ready to face any challenge with courage and resilience.

SKU : AB14

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Material: Mild steel

Size: Head circumference 57-61 cm (without hood)

Lining: Adjustable leather for optimal comfort

Protection: Chainmail covering the entire face

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