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Pingente de prata esterlina Ulfberht com espada artesanal

Pingente de prata esterlina Ulfberht com espada artesanal

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  • Symbol of the victorious warrior
  • Ulfberht swords were the most sought-after weapons in the Viking age
  • Tradition of warriors buried with their broken swords
  • Handcrafted in premium sterling silver
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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

In the unforgiving world of the Vikings, a sword was not just a weapon to cut and slash; it symbolized the status, success, and power of its bearer. Swords, especially those branded with the name Ulfberht, were so revered that they transcended their lethal function to become legends forged in metal.

The Ulfberht, with its unmatched quality and rarity, was the weapon par excellence of the accomplished Viking warrior. Engraved in metal, the Ulfberht name was a promise - that of superiority on the battlefield.

This sterling silver pendant embodies the spirit of the Viking warrior: fearless in the face of challenges, always ready to conquer new horizons. It pays homage to the ancient art of warfare and the Viking tradition of respecting weapons as faithful companions in life a