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Pingente Círculo Thor Hammer Futhark

Pingente Círculo Thor Hammer Futhark

Preço normal R$ 414,00 BRL
Preço normal R$ 414,00 BRL Preço promocional R$ 414,00 BRL
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  • Inspired by Norse Amulets: Draws from authentic Viking designs for a piece steeped in historical significance.
  • Symbol of Protection and Spirit: Features Thor's Hammer, renowned for its protective powers and representation of the ideal Viking warrior.
  • Engraved with Futhark Runes: Each rune adds a layer of mystique and is believed to have the power to influence the future.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality sterling silver 925, ensuring durability and a fine finish.
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The Thor Hammer Futhark Circle Pendant encapsulates the essence of Viking tradition and mythology. Inspired by genuine Viking Mjolnir pendants, this piece is not only a symbol of protection but also of allegiance to ancient Norse ways, even during periods of religious change.

Thor, the mightiest of Norse gods, wielded his hammer Mjolnir to protect Asgard and mankind, embodying the ideal warrior's strength and courage. This pendant mirrors that protective power, designed to offer its wearer a sense of security and connection to Thor's indomitable spirit.

Surrounding the hammer, the Futhark runes offer a second layer of meaning. To the Vikings, runes were a magical tool, believed to change fate and destiny when used correctly. This circle of runes transforms the pendant from mere jewelry into a potent symbol of knowledge and power.

SKU : CS32

Informações adicionais

Material: Sterling Silver 925

Size: Approximately 1-1/16" (27mm) in diameter

Compatibility: Fits well with:

  • Genuine Leather Cord: Here
  • Fine Sterling Silver Chain: Here

Note: Listing is for the pendant only; leather cord and silver chain sold separately.

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