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Camiseta Thor's Hammer V1 V.K.N.G™

Camiseta Thor's Hammer V1 V.K.N.G™

Preço normal R$ 110,00 BRL
Preço normal Preço promocional R$ 110,00 BRL
Tributo incluído.
  • Striking design showcasing Mjölnir, Thor's legendary hammer
  • Instantly adds a touch of Norse mythology to your attire
  • Crafted from high-quality materials for superior comfort and longevity
  • A perfect blend of ancient tales and modern fashion aesthetics
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The Thor's Hammer V.K.N.G™ T-Shirt is a tribute to one of the most iconic symbols in Norse mythology: Mjölnir, the mighty hammer of Thor. Revered as the god of thunder, strength, and protection, Thor wielded Mjölnir to defend both gods and humans from the forces of chaos.

This T-shirt captures the essence of that legendary weapon, allowing wearers to showcase their admiration for this powerful deity and his emblematic hammer.

Every detail of the design resonates with the tales of Thor's adventures, his battles against giants, and his unwavering sense of justice. Made from premium materials, this T-shirt not only offers a captivating design but also ensures comfort and durability.

Perfect for those who cherish the stories of the Norse gods and wish to wear a piece of their enduring legacy.

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Size Width (in) Length (in) Sleeve Length from Center Back (in)
S 18.00 28.00 15.62
M 20.00 29.00 17.37
L 22.00 30.00 18.75
XL 24.00 31.00 20.00
2XL 26.00 32.00 21.50
3XL 28.00 33.00 22.87
4XL 30.00 34.00 24.25
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