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Pingente de prata esterlina Valknut Runas Futhark

Pingente de prata esterlina Valknut Runas Futhark

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Preço normal R$ 416,00 BRL Preço promocional R$ 416,00 BRL
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  • Combination of authentic Norse symbols
  • Sacred to Odin, god of war and wisdom
  • Speaks to warrior courage and Viking wisdom
  • Made from quality sterling silver 925 by expert craftsmen
  • Hole 2.5mm

Perfect fit with:

Genuine Leather Cord

Fine Sterling Silver Chain

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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

This striking silver pendant represents two sides of the god Odin, as the god of both war and wisdom.

At the center of the pendant sits the Valknut, the symbol of Valhalla. This was the hall of Odin in Asgard where warriors that fell bravely in battle were taken, and reflects Odin's role as the god of war.

It is surrounded by the runes. Odin acquired this wisdom by hanging himself from Yggdrasil, the life tree, for nine days and nine nights while pierced by his own spear. He then shared that wisdom with mankind.

Bring Odin into your own life with this striking Viking-inspired piece.

SKU : CS39

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Color: Silver
Size: approx. 11/16" (17mm) in diameter
Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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