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Conta de cabelo de barba Viking com Rune Tyr prata esterlina 925

Conta de cabelo de barba Viking com Rune Tyr prata esterlina 925

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  • Exceptional Viking Beard Hair Bead Design, meticulously forged from 925 Sterling Silver
  • Fenrir Wolf, a symbol of strength, freedom, and chaotic destruction in Norse mythology
  • Embrace the essence of Viking ferocity and the untamed spirit of the legendary wolf
  • Fashioned with precision from premium 925 Sterling Silver by master craftsmen
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The Viking Beard Hair Bead with Fenrir Wolf in 925 Sterling Silver is a magnificent amalgamation of Norse mythology and masterful craftsmanship. Fenrir, the colossal wolf in Norse mythology, symbolizes raw strength, freedom, and the chaotic forces of destruction. He is a creature of prophecy, destined to break his bonds during Ragnarok and bring about the downfall of the gods, representing the unpredictable and untamed nature of the cosmos.

This bead, expertly crafted from the finest 925 Sterling Silver, is more than a mere adornment; it is a symbol of the primal power and wild spirit of the Viking warrior. The high-quality silver not only imparts a touch of sophistication but also ensures the bead's durability, making it a lasting companion for your beard or hair.

The intricate design of the Fenrir Wolf encapsulates the profound symbolism of untamed power and chaotic destruction in Norse tradition. It serves as a constant reminder of the strength within and the untamed spirit of the warrior, invoking the ferocity and freedom of the legendary wolf.

Whether you are drawn to the powerful symbolism of Norse mythology, the untamed spirit represented by Fenrir, or simply the artisanal elegance of the piece, this bead is a timeless accessory that resonates with those who seek both beauty and meaning in their jewelry. It’s a unique way to keep the ferocity and spirit of the Vikings close, serving as a daily reminder of the primal power and freedom inherent in our being.

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Informações adicionais

Color: Silver
Weight: Varies
Size: Internal bead diameter is approx 7mm (1/4"). Bead measures 12mm (1/2") high by 8mm (5/16") wide.

Materials: Sterling Silver (925)

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