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Pulseira de nós triquetra celta em prata esterlina 925

Pulseira de nós triquetra celta em prata esterlina 925

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The Triquetra, or triple knot, echoes through both Viking and Celtic lore, revered not just as decoration but as a potent symbol of mystic concepts and magical practices.

Within the Norse tradition, arm rings like this bangle held more than ornamental value; they were potent symbols of allegiance and pacts, often used in the swearing of oaths. The Triquetra embellishes this bracelet with each knot intertwined with history and ancient magic.

The bangle's design pays homage to the Seidr magic of the Norse, a tradition so profound that the Vanir goddess Freyja herself, the deity of love and war, deigned to teach its secrets to none other than Odin, the Allfather.

Embrace the old ways and the power of nature with this elegantly crafted arm ring, a true testament to the spiritual heritage that connects wearer to the mystic past.

SKU : BS11

Informações adicionais

Color: Silver

Weight: 16 grams

Size: Adjustable 16-22cm. Maximum frontal width of 1/2" (12mm), tapers to 3/16" (5mm) at the back.

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Dimensions: Bangle diameter adjustable from 5.5cm to 6cm; Inner Circumference approximately 16-17cm.

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