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Anel Veneno Celta Triquetra Prata Esterlina 925

Anel Veneno Celta Triquetra Prata Esterlina 925

Preço normal €51,95 EUR
Preço normal €51,95 EUR Preço de saldo €51,95 EUR
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  • Unique Celtic Triquetra design, symbolizing unity, eternity, and interconnectedness
  • Expertly crafted from 925 Sterling Silver
  • Features a hidden compartment, blending mystery with functionality
  • Handmade for premium quality and durability
  • Embody ancient wisdom and spiritual depth in your daily wear
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The Celtic Triquetra Poison Ring, exquisitely forged in 925 Sterling Silver, marries the enigmatic allure of ancient Celtic traditions with the ingenuity of modern design. The Triquetra, or Trinity Knot, weaves a tale of unity, eternity, and the seamless flow between life, death, and rebirth, echoing the profound interconnectedness of the cosmos.

This ring transcends mere ornamentation to become a powerful symbol of balance and continuity. Its hidden compartment, a nod to the secretive poison rings of yore, offers a space for personal treasures, blending historical intrigue with contemporary functionality.

Every detail of the ring's construction, from the quality of silver to the precision of the Triquetra, reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and a deep respect for Celtic lore. It stands as a guardian of heritage, a beacon of wisdom, and a testament to the enduring nature of unity.

Inviting both admiration and introspection, the Celtic Triquetra Poison Ring is an emblem for those who value the richness of history, the depth of spirituality, and the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship.

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Color: Silver
Weight: 15gr (depending on size)
Frontal Height: 11/16" (18mm)
Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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