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Sapatos Brandolf

Sapatos Brandolf

Preço normal €27,95 EUR
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Is worn on the Braies Gisbert

  • 100% pure cotton fabric for breathable comfort
  • Perfectly pairs with Gisbert Braies for an authentic Viking look
  • Available in three historical colors
  • Crafted to replicate genuine Viking attire
  • Made in Germany, ensuring quality and craftsmanship
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The Chausses Brandolf are meticulously crafted from 100% cotton, echoing the Viking dedication to durability and comfort. These cotton chausses are designed to be worn over the Gisbert braies, complementing the outfit for a truly historical representation.

In the harsh winters of the Viking age, staying warm was crucial, hence the common use of woolen chausses. Our Brandolf chausses, while made from cotton, offer a layer of warmth and style, making them perfect for anyone looking to embrace their Norse heritage.

The choice of three colors allows you to customize your Viking ensemble for various occasions, whether it's for a medieval re-enactment or a themed event. The authentic design ensures that you will not only look the part but feel it as well.

SKU : VB10

Informações adicionais

Colors Available: Three options to match your historical attire
Materials: 100% Cotton, offering softness and comfort
Special Note: Cotton may shrink when washed, handle with care
Hand-Dyed: Colors are dyed by hand, leading to unique variations in each piece
Size Information: Available in multiple sizes from S to 3XL, tailored to fit comfortably

Made with pride in Germany, where traditional methods meet modern craftsmanship to create products of exceptional quality.

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