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Corrente de elo duplo artesanal em latão

Corrente de elo duplo artesanal em latão

Preço normal €11,95 EUR
Preço normal Preço de saldo €11,95 EUR
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  • Authentic Double Link Chain, crafted from Natural Brass
  • Symbol of versatility and craftsmanship in Viking culture
  • Carry the spirit of the Viking tradition with you
  • Made from premium Natural Brass by expert craftsmen
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The Double Link Chain is a powerful symbol in Viking culture, representing versatility and craftsmanship. It was often used in various ways, such as holding accessories from the typical turtle brooches or serving as a necklace to combine multiple pendants on its links.

This unique chain is crafted from Natural Brass, featuring an intricate double link design. Each link is meticulously made to reflect the Viking tradition of fine craftsmanship. The chain’s robust and flexible design embodies the practicality and adaptability valued by the Vikings.

Wearing this chain connects you to the spirit of Viking artisans and warriors, known for their resourcefulness and skill. Whether worn as a standalone piece or adorned with pendants, this chain is a potent symbol of the Viking tradition and a testament to its enduring legacy.

This chain is sold in pieces of 5 cm, with the option to select your desired length. All chains purchased in a single order will be sent as one continuous piece, allowing for customizable use. Embrace the versatility and strength of Viking culture with this handcrafted brass chain.


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Measures: Rings: 5 mm diameter
Materials: Natural Brass
Made in: Spain

This chain is sold in pieces of 5 cm. All chains acquired in the same purchase will be sent as one single piece.

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