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Anel Fenrir feito à mão em prata esterlina

Anel Fenrir feito à mão em prata esterlina

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  • Inspired by genuine Viking artistic styles
  • Takes the monster Fenrir, destined to devour the world, as its subject
  • Made by expert craftsmen
  • Highest quality sterling silver
  • Quarter size available on demand
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Viking art, renowned for its intricate interweaving of natural and supernatural elements, finds a striking embodiment in this sterling silver ring. At the heart of its design is Fenrir, the formidable wolf of Norse mythology, whose destiny is to bring about Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods.

Fenrir's story is one of strength, cunning, and inevitable fate. Born of Loki, Fenrir grew to such might that not even the gods could bind him, prompting them to commission the dwarves for a chain made of impossibilities. This ring captures the essence of Fenrir's power and the beauty of Viking art through geometric shapes and patterns, making it a subtle yet profound statement piece.

Adopting traditional Viking artistic styles, the ring transforms Fenrir's fearsome legacy into a wearable symbol of resilience and the cyclical nature of life and destruction. It serves not only as an adornment but as a talisman, invoking the spirit of the ancient Norse, their deep connection to the cosmos, and their reverence for the forces beyond their control.

This piece is for the modern Viking who respects the complexity of Norse mythology and appreciates the artistry that brings such tales to life. Wearing this ring is a nod to the past, a recognition of the power within, and a reminder of the intertwined paths of destiny and choice.

SKU : AV122

Informações adicionais

Color: Silver

Weight: 7g

Materials: 925 sterling silver

Made In: Ukraine

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