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Pingente Chave Artesanal da Dinamarca

Pingente Chave Artesanal da Dinamarca

Preço normal €39,95 EUR
Preço normal Preço de saldo €39,95 EUR
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  • Authentic Key from Denmark Pendant, crafted from Bronze
  • Symbol of the position of women in Viking society
  • Carry the spirit of the Viking tradition with you
  • Made from premium Bronze by expert craftsmen
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The Key from Denmark Pendant is a powerful symbol in Viking culture, representing the significant role and status of women in Norse society. Keys were often worn by Viking women as a sign of their authority over the household, symbolizing their control over the home and its resources.

This unique pendant is crafted from bronze, featuring the intricate design of the historical Key from Denmark. The detailed craftsmanship reflects the high status and respect afforded to women who wore such keys. Wearing this pendant connects you to the Viking tradition, highlighting the important roles women played in managing and safeguarding the home.

In Viking culture, keys were more than just functional items; they were symbols of trust and responsibility. This pendant embodies the strength and resilience of Viking women, who were integral to the society’s success. It is a potent reminder of the respect and power held by women in the Viking age.

Carry this pendant as a tribute to the Viking women’s spirit and as a symbol of empowerment and heritage. It is an ideal piece for those who admire Viking culture and wish to honor its traditions.


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Measures: 6 x 4 cm
Materials: Bronze
Made in: Spain

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