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Pingente Artesanal "Chifre Esculpido"

Pingente Artesanal "Chifre Esculpido"

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  • Genuine bone pendant finely carved
  • Antler, bone, and ivory commonly used in the Viking world
  • Channels the spirit of the deceased animal
  • Handmade by expert craftsmen

Perfect fit with: Genuine Leather Cord

Perfect fit with: Fine Sterling Silver Chain

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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

The Vikings regularly used bone and horn in their jewelry and weapons, believing that this channeled the spirit of dead ancestors or animals.

Antler, bone, and ivory pieces survive from throughout the Viking world. They were used for combs, pins, and jewelry, often intricately decorated.

This finely carved horn-shaped pendant is intricately engraved in a style that would have appealed to the Vikings.

Pieces like this, made from bear bones, may have been worn by Berserker warriors, who channeled the spirit of the bear before going into battle.

Carry this powerful symbol of Viking heritage and the strength of the animal spirit with you.


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Size: 7 x 1.5 cm

Made in Spain

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