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Conta de barba viking em prata esterlina com runas e triskelion celta

Conta de barba viking em prata esterlina com runas e triskelion celta

Preço normal €33,95 EUR
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  • Handcrafted sterling silver hair bead, enhancing any Viking ensemble
  • Embellish your hair or beard with the spirit of Norse tradition
  • Features the Triskelion, a powerful symbol of Odin and wisdom
  • Incorporates Viking runes, bestowed upon mankind by Odin himself
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The Sterling Silver Viking Beard Bead with Runes and Celtic Triskelion is not just an accessory; it's a piece of history, a token of wisdom, and a tribute to Odin's quest for knowledge and poetry. The Triskelion, intertwined with Celtic and Norse traditions, symbolizes movement, progress, and the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. According to Norse mythology, Odin's pursuit of the Mead of Poetry, which he kept in three horns, embodies his role as the god of wisdom, poetry, war, witchcraft, and wanderers.

This exquisite bead, adorned with runes and the Triskelion, serves as a reminder of Odin's sacrifice for wisdom. He hung himself from Yggdrasil, enduring nine days and nights of torment to grasp the secrets of runes, which he generously shared with humanity. Wearing this bead in your hair or beard is not just an expression of style; it's a celebration of the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and a homage to Odin in his many facets.


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Material: Sterling Silver 925
Size: Internal diameter approx. 7mm; 15mm high by 10mm wide
Weight: Approx. 4g

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