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Pingente Viking Wolf Mjolnir exclusivo esculpido à mão em madeira de nogueira

Pingente Viking Wolf Mjolnir exclusivo esculpido à mão em madeira de nogueira

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  • Unique pendant featuring Mjolnir and the Viking Wolf, hand-carved from American walnut
  • Symbolizes the Norse virtues of power, protection, loyalty, and courage
  • Each piece is a testament to expert craftsmanship, making it a personal talisman
  • Perfect for those who value strength and loyalty in their personal and professional life
  • Carries the essence of Norse mythology in a wearable form
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The "Viking Wolf Mjolnir" pendant merges two significant symbols of Norse mythology, artfully hand-carved into American walnut, known for its durability and fine grain. Mjolnir, the thunderous weapon of Thor, embodies the god’s power to protect and to battle against forces of chaos. Meanwhile, the Viking Wolf, often seen in stories as a figure of loyalty and familial commitment, highlights the values of courage and dedication.

This pendant is not merely decorative; it serves as a daily reminder of the tenacity and resilience necessary to overcome challenges, inspired by the legendary Norse tales. Each pendant is painstakingly crafted over several hours, ensuring a unique piece with personal significance.

It’s designed for those who resonate with these powerful attributes, seeking to integrate the strength and loyalty of the Viking spirit into their daily lives.

SKU : CW17

Informações adicionais

Material: American Walnut Wood

Size: 5 x 4 cm

Work Time: Approximately 3 hours per piece

Origin: Made in Italy

No two pendants are identical, each showcasing unique variations that highlight the natural beauty of the wood and the artisanal skill involved.

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