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Estatueta de Valquíria feita à mão de Hårby

Estatueta de Valquíria feita à mão de Hårby

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  • Genuine Valkyrie statuette from Hårby
  • Rare visual representation of a female warrior from the Viking Age
  • Handmade from premium bronze
  • A symbol of protection and strength
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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

The Valkyrie from Hårby is a unique artifact from the Viking Age, discovered on the island of Funen, Hårby in Denmark in 2012. This bronze miniature is considered a rare visual representation of a woman with long hair tied in a ponytail, a long dress or apron, with a shield on her left arm and a sword in her right hand.

Valkyries were revered figures in Norse mythology, known as choosers of the slain. They decided who would die in battle and who would live, escorting the souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla, the hall of the slain, where they would feast and fight until the end of the world.

This statuette is unique as it depicts a Valkyrie holding a sword, a depiction not commonly found in ancient texts. This could suggest that the figure represents a real warrior woman, providing a fascinating insight into the role of women in Viking expeditions.

This beautiful reproduction is handmade from bronze, capturing the intricate details of the original artifact. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a lover of Norse mythology, or simply appreciate unique pieces of art, this Valkyrie statuette from Hårby is a must-have addition to your collection.


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Size: 7.5 cm high
Material: Bronze

Made in Spain

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