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  • High-quality Viking-style arm ring in Pewter: Crafted by skilled artisans to reflect the power and mysticism of the Norse world.
  • Featured Vegvisir, the magical wayfinding symbol: From Icelandic grimoires, ensures you never lose your way.
  • Triquetra detail: A symbol associated with Odin and Seidr magic, embodying the connection to nature and the divine.
  • Symbolic of oaths and promises: Emulating the Viking tradition of wearing arm rings to signify solemn vows.
  • Adjustable and durable: Fits wrist sizes from 6 1/4 in (16cm) to 8 1/4 in (21cm) with a light squeeze; designed to last with careful handling.
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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

In the realms where Vikings roamed, arm rings were not only fashionable but held profound cultural significance. They often featured in ceremonies where individuals would swear oaths of loyalty and bravery.

This particular arm ring is adorned with the Vegvisir, a stave from the 18th-century Icelandic grimoires. Known as the compass of the Vikings, it promises spiritual and physical guidance, ensuring that its wearer never loses their path, even in unknown territories.

The Triquetra, etched at the clasp of the arm ring, is a symbol deeply rooted in Norse mythology, often linked to Odin and the mystical Seidr magic. It represents the interconnectedness of all things through the forces of nature, echoing the life force emanating from Yggdrasil, the sacred world tree.

The design also features intricate Norse patterns reminiscent of warrior armor, enhancing its aesthetic while invoking the spirit of ancient Norse warriors.

By wearing this arm ring, you align yourself with the Viking’s fearless spirit and their profound respect for nature's intricate web of life.

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Informações adicionais

Material: Pewter

Adjustability: Lightly squeeze to fit; suitable for wrist sizes from 6 1/4 in (16cm) to 8 1/4 in (21cm).

Care Instructions: Normal cracking sounds during adjustment are typical; avoid over-bending to preserve its lifespan.

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