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Pingente de prata esterlina com cajados mágicos Vegvisir Asatru

Pingente de prata esterlina com cajados mágicos Vegvisir Asatru

Preço normal €69,95 EUR
Preço normal €69,95 EUR Preço de saldo €69,95 EUR
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  • Authentic Norse symbol from the Icelandic magical grimoires
  • Vegvisir, Norse Compass, a wayfinding symbol that ensures a person is never lost
  • Popular among modern followers of Asatru
  • Made from quality materials and a finely made cast

Perfect fit with:

Genuine Leather Cord

Fine Sterling Silver Chain

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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

As well as being warriors, many of the Vikings of the sagas were magic workers, using the runes to bend the world to their will. Many sagas describe warriors as runemasters.

While we do not know how the runes were used to work magic in the Viking age, later magical runic symbols are preserved in Icelandic grimoires from the 18th century.

Among the magical runic symbols preserved here is Vegvisir, the Norse Compass. Use this symbol, and you will never lose your way, even if you do not know where you are going.

This stunning sterling silver pendant rendering of the symbol allows you to carry this potent mark with you wherever you go.

SKU : CS41

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Color: Silver
Size: approx. 11/16" (17mm) in diameter
Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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